DEAL 004

DEAL 004



A tight version of a DEAL lamp series, with a range of 80 m2 and IP increased to the level of 44 – protection against solid bodies above 1 mm wide and protection against water drops falling at any angle.

It can be installed in 3 variants: on the wall, attached to the ceiling, standalone on legs. Appealing appearance and “quiet operation” make it friendly for staff and clients. Intended for use wherever high hygiene and cleanliness of production is required.

Indispensable for use in the entire food industry, trade, gastronomy, and production plants. The necessary handling of lamps (replacement of inserts and lamps) doesn’t require any tools, it is very simple and takes little time.

As standard, all lamps are equipped with foil-wrapped fluorescent lamps to prevent possible splashes in the event of damage, in accordance with HACCP requirements.


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